Acqua degli Dei with Ogyre for the sea

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The Calabrian perfume brand continues its commitment with Ogyre for the recovery of waste from the sea.

The sea is the element that has always inspired Acqua degli Dei. It is our muse and our guiding light. At the same time, we are well aware of the fragility of such beauty. Pollution, overheating, reduction of biodiversity threaten our seas. We therefore feel the need to do something, to give back at least a little of what our sea gives us.

By virtue of this, Acqua degli Dei has decided to extend its collaboration with Ogyre (, the first Italian platform for the recovery of waste from the sea through fishermen, throughout 2024. For the entire current year, Acqua degli Dei through Ogyre undertakes to collect 20 kg of plastic from the sea per month, equivalent to 2000 plastic bottles per month, for an annual total of at least 240 kilograms and 24000 plastic bottles, through the fishing fleets involved in harvesting projects. Ogyre’s objective is very clear: to reduce waste at sea, allowing people and companies to remotely collect waste through a network of fishermen who, regularly paid, clean the sea during their normal fishing activities. Founded in 2021, to date Ogyre has collected more than 450 tonnes of waste from the sea through its fleet of 168 fishermen.

Therefore, all purchases made during 2024 both online and at points of sale will contribute to giving a gift to our sea. At the end of the collection period, the results and photos of this initiative will be published. Because taking care of the sea is our deepest commitment.