Tell us about your story as a Navigator

Who are today’s navigators?
Modern Ulysses who struggle to follow dreams and abide by their ideals, who believe in constancy, in firmness and that beauty can really contribute to saving the world.
Voyagers who clasp the helm in firm hands even when the daily tempests of life overshadow them, when the ups and downs of destiny touch them, as in a stormy sea when weariness from battling against the currents tries to overwhelm them.
Navigators and voyagers who have nothing but the task, the endeavour, the voyage because happiness can be only found when your skin burns with brine and your eyes, watering in the wind, challenge the course you have plotted.

If you wish, tell us your story of courage, it might be one of the most interesting stories that Acqua degli Dei selects to post periodically on our Mediterranean Magazine.

We started from scratch ourselves, with lots of enthusiasm and a good deal of courage. Every day we do our level best to arrive where others thought it impossible to go…… for this reason we highlight the stories of those who do not give up. We give space to the stories of those who, like us, …”if they meet a wave, they ride on it”.


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