Acqua degli Dei gives a gift to the sea at Christmas by supporting Ogyre

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The Calabrian perfume brand launches an initiative to support Ogyre, the first global platform for the recovery of waste from the sea.

The sea is the element that has always inspired Acqua degli Dei. It is our muse and our guiding light. At the same time, we are well aware of the fragility of such beauty. Pollution, overheating, reduction of biodiversity threaten our seas. We therefore feel the need to do something, to give back at least a little of what our sea, the Mediterranean, gives us.

Precisely for this reason Acqua degli Dei has activated a collaboration with Ogyre (, the first Italian platform for the recovery of waste from the sea through fishermen. In fact, for the entire Christmas period, Acqua degli Dei through Ogyre is committed to collecting 100 kg of plastic from the sea (equivalent to 10,000 plastic bottles) through the fleets of fishing boats involved in the collection projects. Therefore, all purchases made throughout the month of November and December, both online and at points of sale, will contribute to making a „gift to our sea“. At the end of the collection period, the results and photos of this initiative will be published.

Ogyre’s objective is very clear: to reduce waste at sea, allowing people and companies to remotely collect waste through a network of fishermen who, regularly paid, clean the sea during their normal fishing activities. Founded in 2021, to date Ogyre has collected more than 400 tonnes of waste from the sea through its fleet of 68 fishermen.

This important initiative is being accompanied by another in support of the sea. Acqua degli Dei is in fact the technical partner of Francesco Farci’s boat which is competing solo in the ocean in the Mini Transat regata. But it is not a „simple“ solo regata. On board the Gin Tonic vessel, Francesco and his partner, the marine biologist of Calabrian origin Arianna Liconti, will test a monitoring system to collect data from the sea. This regata is an initial test for a more structured project that will come to life in the three-year period 2024-2027 of so-called „citizen science“ (scientific projects in which normal people collaborate), in which various sensors will be installed on board private boats, in order to collect useful data from the sea, with the ultimate aim of preserving and protecting it.

Acqua degli Dei – Mediterranean Essence ( is a Calabrian brand of perfumes linked to the values ​​of the Mediterranean, born in 2015. In addition to the direct representation points of the single-brand stores in Tropea and Pizzo calabro, it currently has 50 retailers throughout Italy , a dedicated e-commerce and specific wedding and corporate gift lines.

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