Visita bizzarra

Fondazione Armonie D’arte

Visita bizzarra

More than a visit or a stroll this is an immersion into the mythology, the legends and the curiosities of the past. Following an easy path that wanders through the park you will be accompanied by an expert guide and an actor who will introduce you to the myths and legends tied to Scolacium
chosen by you from 5 themes: “the mediaeval imagination among saints”, emperors and magical beasts”, Athena and the crow”, “the hundred faces of eros” or “daily life amidst private
vices and public virtue” Period: all year.

Visita bizzarra e Scolacium Experience

Fondazione Armonie D’arte
Via Skylletion – 88021 Borgia (CZ)
Tel: 366 4362321

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A place with extraordinary landscape beauties and important historical value, one of the most excellent sites in the whole of the South of Italy; one-time Magna Graecia colony then ancient Roman settlement next a mediaeval settlement and then a Norman one. Places to visit include the forum, the theatre, the amphitheatre, the necropolis, the abbey church, the 2 museums, a vast centuries-old olive grove which grows on a small hill that slopes down to the sea and the nearby whites sands of the beach of the Ionian coast. Here, amidst a wide choice of artistic and cultural entertainment the “Armonie d’Arte” Festival takes place every year; an international event where music, theatre, dance, legend and history intersect in a melding of culture and beauty in an experience which marries art, culture and nature together.