Tropea by moonlight

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Tropea by moonlight

An enchanting nocturnal stroll and the narration of the stories of this town told by one who is a connoisseur of Tropea, the writer and tourist guide Alessandro Stella: “Tropea by moonlight” is an experience that will take visitors on a fascinating discovery of the town’s alleyways and little
squares, twixt the warm light of evening and the warm briny-scented breeze of the sea. The tales, a mixture of the mythical origins of Tropea, the deeds that have decorated its history through the centuries during the Byzantine dominion, the Norman subjugation and the Spanish conquest as well as the legends of the local fi sher-folk, form the crux of the activity.
An itinerary through the centuries, enlivened by the shivers inspired by the tales of the spirdi, the phantoms that haunt the old mansions of this timeless town. An emotional itinerary for those who are searching for a vivid, ancestral plunge amidst the legends of this jewel of the Coast of the Gods.

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