The Costa Degli Dei

Everything starts here, on the Costa degli Dei in Calabria, a length of coast which stretches from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera and embraces places such as Capo Vaticano and Tropea.

A corner of land which holds a magnetic fascination in which nature takes a prime place and leaves you breathless.

The writer Giuseppe Berto named the area  “Costabella”, an expression which only partially sums up the wonders of this corner of Calabria: granite rocks, whitest of white sands and a sea with ever-changing shades of greenish-blue.

The sun embraces everything whilst the unmistakeable, wild fragrance of the Mediterranean maquis perfumes the air, carried on the wings of the wind, spreading everywhere. Here, in the little bays the perfume of the marine algae, of the lentisk trees, of the flowers and the maturing citrus fruits mingle with the rhythm of the waves on the seashore as they measure out a silent calmness.

The hills which surround the coast are covered in highly-perfumed evergreen shrubs which grow naturally as well as cultivated olive trees which evoke ancient Greek sceneries.

The Costa degli Dei is a corner of paradise. It is a dynamic meeting of sheer cliffs, ever-changing sea and wide skies; it is a generator of unthinkable land forms and subtle plays of colour throughout one of the most fantastic landscapes in the world.