Sabine Ment

  • 16 June 2018

Calabria: land of wonderful and unexpected freshwater surprises. Sabine Ment environmental hike guide and Official guide of Aspromonte National Park

offers day-long or week-long excursions, trekking for small or big groups,
around Capo Vaticano, in the Aspromonte National Park, in the Serre Regional Park and in the Pollino Park.
Not simply a walk, however, a sensorial experience plunging into the essence of the Mediterranean hinterland of Calabria and beyond.


Excursions in the protected areas of Calabria, trekking, guide in Italian, English and German


Sabine Ment environmental hike guide Via Vittorio Emanuele 163 89862 Brattirò (VV)

Tel +39 348 4450890–


–  Trekking among the waterfalls

*Per  conoscere i dettagli delle esperienze offerte da “Cantina Masicei”e usufruirne, consultare la Brochure delle Esperienze (offerta gratuitamente con l’acquisto di un prodotto Acqua degli Dei)