Orme nel Parco

  • 16 June 2018

In the locality called Tirivolo, in the village of Zagarise (CZ) at 1620m asl you can find Orme nel Parco, the first eco-experience park to be created in Calabria and one of the major mountain tourist attractions of South Italy.

The park covers three hectares and nestles in a beech wood in the heart of the Sila National Park where you can find the purest air in Europe. Here you can live an eco-sensory experience in close contact with nature that will involve all 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.
The eco-experience park offers attractions and activities for all people: school groups, families, organised groups, firms and companies.


Nature walks, eco-sensory experiences, acrobatic tree-top adventure courses, wall-climbing, barbecue area for hire, MTB hire, archery, hot tubs in the woods, hanging tents in the trees of the forests of the Sila National Park.


Gh Calabria Srl Loc. Tirivolo Snc 88050 Zagarise (Cz)

Tel +39 0961.1916363 – +39 0961.1910760  – +39 334.3363690


–  Eco-sensory tub in the woods

–  SilAdventure

*Per  conoscere i dettagli delle esperienze offerte da “Orme nel Parco”e usufruirne, consultare la Brochure delle Esperienze (offerta gratuitamente con l’acquisto di un prodotto Acqua degli Dei)