Cantina Masicei

  • 16 June 2018

“Masicei” is the name of the place where they first planted the grapevines of this vintner firm, to the west of Brattirò: a naturally magical context with an intense panorama, between the Marrana Saracen look-out tower and Stromboli that towers in the distance on the horizon.

Cosmo Rombolà, a young agronomist in love with his homeland, is at the head of the firm. Firm believer in indigenous grapevines, he cultivates his vineyard using innovative agronomic techniques following a philosophy that is cares for and respects nature. The results are decisive wines that
are robust, intense and simply authentic just like the land from which they spring.


Vintner and wineyard, Farm shop. Wine tasting sessions, Guided tours of the vineyards, and the cellars, Aperatif and dinner at sunset in the vineyard


Cantina Masicei, Via Vittorio Emanuele 69 89862 Brattiro’ Di Drapia (VV)

Tel. + 39 3334641662 – +39 3334732819
info@cantinamasicei.it– www.cantinemasicei.it


–  Con-Vivio – cooking and tasting

–  From vine to wineglass

*Per  conoscere i dettagli delle esperienze offerte da “Cantina Masicei”e usufruirne, consultare la Brochure delle Esperienze (offerta gratuitamente con l’acquisto di un prodotto Acqua degli Dei)